Book Excerpts

  • Excerpt #1: Trusting God for Preparation

    4-wrecked-carAnother incident of prayers for us involved one of Lindsay-Grace’s third-grade teachers, Mrs. Oldham. She told us that whenever she and her husband would see an accident or an ambulance, as they would drive along, they would send up a prayer for those involved. On the morning of January 18, she and her husband were driving on I-70 and they saw, at the edge of the woods, the crashed car in which Lindsay-Grace had been riding. For the first time ever, they felt compelled to pull their car over to the side of the road by the accident and pray for the whole situation. Mrs. Oldham had no idea at the time that she was praying for the family of one of her very own students.

    Obviously, God was leading people to pray for us, so that when we heard the horrible news, our hearts and spirits were more prepared to accept it.

    How can you be in a relationship with a God who promises to prepare you for whatever storms may come your way? If you choose, you may read the epilogue at the end of this book that tells you how.

  • Excerpt #2: Trusting God for Comfort


    Poetry Book - First PlaceAnother way God brought us comfort was through an email from an acquaintance, Deana Ruhl, a friend of my sister. It was amazing that this came to us less than a month after the accident, and on the very day that our pastor Brian and we had discussed for hours Biblical evidence that showed Lindsay-Grace was actually alive now with Jesus. This conversation helped us be more secure with this belief, but when this poem arrived, it encouraged us even more.

    Hi guys. During my prayer time today, these words TOTALLY came to me from the Lord. I sat down at the computer and wrote this in less than five minutes because I felt the Lord speaking through me (not because I am some poet or something). I felt that the Lord wanted me to send this to you. We love you, Deana and family

    “Guess What, Mommy and Daddy?”
    Dedicated to Phil & Karen in special memory of Lindsay-Grace Lazo
    Heaven is great,
    Just like you said.
    I don’t cry at all,
    And I don?t have to go to bed!

    The streets made of gold
    Are shiny and new!
    They shine from Jesus love
    And I feel brand new!

    You must miss me so,
    The loss you can’t hack;
    But if for some reassurance,
    I’m so happy, I don’t want to come back!

    Wonderful people are here
    You would not believe!
    I am so content here
    So for me, do not grieve.

    Does it soften the blow
    To know that I am safe?
    To know that I am comforted,
    That I now truly know God’s grace?

    My middle name Grace,
    You knew God would show.
    Let my eight years on earth
    Be precious and grow.

    Let the growth be a witness
    Of your love for God too.
    I will be so excited
    As new believers to heaven come through.

    I will eagerly listen as they tell me,
    Your Mommy and Daddy told me your story,
    And because of their faith,
    I am now here in Glory!

    Heaven is great,
    Just like you said!
    You were right for teaching me
    From the Bible you read!

    I am writing to tell you
    That what you taught me is true!
    Please remind others
    That Jesus loves me and you.

    These verses cut us right to the heart because they addressed so many of the issues that were concerning us. This poem was a gift from God confirming that Lindsay-Grace is alive, content, happy and safe in heaven with Him. It also reflected the fact that our daughter always had an uncanny interest in heaven. we even have video of her talking about it when she was about six years old, and we have pictures that she drew of heaven when she was even younger. Also, we were amazed to learn that this poem flowed from an author who hardly knew our family and had seldom, if ever, written poetry before. However, Lindsay- Grace did write poetry, and this style and meter was the same type that she used when she wrote her verses. In fact, the day before Lindsay-Grace’s passing, her teacher submitted a poetry book our daughter had written into the county Write-a-Book competition. In the spring after the car accident, we learned Lindsay-Grace’s book won first place in the poetry division!

  • Excerpt #3: Trusting God for the Future


    7-kristen-karen-before-surgeryAnother way that God proved Himself trustworthy was in a medical capacity. I’d known my friend Kristen Ruiz for eight years. In 2008, I learned that she was having some medical issues and needed a new kidney. This concerned me because I didn’t want to see Kristen’s kids lose her at such a young age. Even if they wouldn’t lose her to death, they’d lose her to dialysis that would keep her alive but wouldn’t allow her to live a normal life. So being fairly connected in our community, I sent out many emails to encourage individuals to step up and get tested for becoming living kidney donors. Of course, needing to set a good example, I was also tested. I was convinced I wouldn’t be a match. Kristen, with her Italian roots, was medium-complexioned; I was blond and very fair. I assumed people have to be of the same ethnic background to be a match. Also, Kristen and I had different blood types. So, it seemed that I had nothing to worry about.

    My original agenda worked. Several people were tested. However, there was one element that did not go according to my plan: I was the only one who ended up being a match!

    I was out grocery shopping when the transplant coordinator called me on my cell phone. Needless to say, upon hearing that I was a compatible donor for Kristen, I was taken aback. She told me that Kristen had not yet been informed, so if I wanted to decline I could, and no one would ever know. After hastily saying, I’ll get back to you, I disconnected from the transplant coordinator’s call, instantly called Phil with the news, checked out with my purchases and went home to think.

    Back in the quiet sanctity of our family room, I plopped down into our recliner with my Bible on my lap. The verse that had been rattling around in my head since getting the call was John 15:13, Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. I went to the Scriptures, and reread the preceding verse with Jesus’ words, My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Even though I’d read this passage countless times, it hit me like a ton of bricks: Jesus is not just saying, It would be really nice if you gave your all for your friend. He was commanding it. This sealed the deal. Within moments of getting home, the decision was made. If I call Jesus my Lord, I must be willing to do anything He wants me to do. I need to trust God with all of this. Phil and I prayed about it then contacted the transplant coordinator to tell her I would participate in the transplant. Next, I made the call to Kristen. She was having a rough day, and we engaged in small talk for the first few minutes. When I got around to telling her the news, she just wept.

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