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In 2001, Phil Lazo was inspired to write a song about trusting the Lord with his children. Two years later, his daughter was killed in a car accident. This tragedy and the song would change the trajectory of the lives of Phil and his wife Karen taking them into circumstances they never imagined. This video tells the beginning of their Trust Story…


Here is the second video installment of our Trust Story. I hope it encourages you to know that God is trustworthy to prepare His people for whatever may come their way. In our case, a blanket of prayer was already covering us before the events of January 18, 2003, and we experienced the Lord in ways that surprised, encouraged, and grew us. He helped us to not only endure this tragedy, but to thrive and bring glory to God.


This is the third video installment of our “Trust Story”– Inspirational stories of signs & wonders sent by God for comfort.

Thanks to Zack Lazo Videography ~


This is the fourth video installment of our “Trust Story.”

Sometimes God gives us dreams that work wonders for our hearts. This video describes three dreams that did just that!

Video by Zack Lazo Videography ~

Illustrations by Ucheoma Uzosike ~


“Trust Story talk by Phil and Karen Lazo

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Chapter 1 Mandarin with Border

Trust Story:
Inspiration for Handling Heartbreak
and Facing Your Future

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